What once started as some story posts during a time when the world couldn't physically around each other, turned into a whole lifestyle brand.

HOURS. is a minimalistic lifestyle brand that was created to be a safe space to normalize sexual conversations & experiences. It is black women owned but very inclusive to all genders, races, & sexuality. Our pieces help our customers with their late night (or any time of the day) booty call appointment whether it be from one of the minimalistic apparel items or one of the handmade glasswares to set the mood.

What is HOURS.?

Its that time of any persons day where they feel the need to get their rocks off. Morning Hours. Mid-day Hours. After dark Hours. Whatever time of the day that your knees get to buckling and certain lips begin to throb & you decide to make that call or text cause you need someones assistance with whatever is between your legs.

It can be whatever you want it to be 😏